Support for this Nonsense

Nonsense is a lot of work. Every week we digest 1,500 emails, sorting and editing them into what becomes the Friday list. It takes a lot of time. We've been doing it for 21 years.

We send the list out every week because there is a place for it. Because we love supporting other artists who work hard on projects they care about. Because we want to help artists find new audiences, new collaborators, and new fans.

There are real costs involved that come up every year, and we ask that the people who use this list help support it. The editors contribute their time. We think readers and users should contribute as well.

Once a year we ask for donations to support this list. We think individuals should send in $24. People who throw events should donate a little more -- $45 would be great (you know it's worth it).

You can donate or get a membership here:

Or you can donate with Paypal here:

Thanks for your support, as always. And thanks for making this our kind of city.


Jeff Stark and the Nonsense NYC staff



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